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Past Awardees: Microwave Pioneer Award

The Microwave Pioneer Award recognizes an individual or a team not exceeding three persons having made outstanding pioneering technical contributions that advance microwave theory and techniques, which are described in an archival paper published at least 20 years prior to the year of the award.

Past Microwave Pioneer Award recipients are listed in the table below.  To read the citation and bigraphical information for each awardee, click on the awardee name.

Year Microwave Pioneer Award
2015 -none-
2014 R. J. Trew, J.-B. Yan, and P. M. Mock
2013 S. Weinreb
2012 H. Hillbrand & P. Russer
2011 W. Gwarek & W. Hoefer
2010 -none-
2009 -none-
2008 J. Mink
2007 A. Sokal & N.Sokal
2006 P. Herczfeld
2005 H. Statz & R. Pucel
2004 G. Ross
2003 W. Curtice
2002 J.R. Tucker
2001 Om Gandhi
2000 Y. Kuleshov
1999 R.Eisenhart & P.Kahn
1998 G. Kilgore
1997 A.Atia & A.Williams
1996 K. Kurokawa
1995 W. C. Brown
1994 M. Uenohara
1993 C. Cleeton & L.Hogan
1992 R. Barrett
1991 R. Dicke
1990 H. Fukui
Last Updated on 29 September 2015