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Bylaw Changes for Membership Review

During the January 2019 meeting of the MTT-S Administrative Committee, the Operation Committee proposed motions to amend several existing MTT-S Bylaws and to create new Bylaws. The proposed motions were approved by the MTT-S Administrative Committee and later by the IEEE Technical Activities Volunteer Engagement and Governance.

These amendments are linked here (MTT-S Bylaws Changes for Membership Review). As per MTT-S Constitution Article IX, Section 2, ratification requires that the proposed amendments be publicized in a Society publication, on the Society web site, or by email to all members, with notice that they go into effect unless 10 percent of the Society members object within 30 days. If you are in agreement with these proposed changes no action on your part is needed, otherwise please inform Mohammad Madihian at madihian@ieee.org.

If you want to visit the current bylaws you can see them here: current bylaws