Distinguished Educator Award

Award and Nomination Description


Recognizes a distinguished educator in the field of microwave engineering and science who best exemplifies the special human qualities of Fred Rosenbaum, who considered teaching a high calling and demonstrated his dedication to the Society through tireless service.


US$2,500, Plaque, and certificate.  Travel allowance of up to US$1,000  is granted on a need basis for travel to the Symposium.


Must be a member of IEEE and MTT-S.

Basis for Judging

The award shall be made to an individual who must be a distinguished educator, recognized, in general by an academic career. It is desirable for the candidate to have received other teaching awards. The effectiveness of the educator should be supported by a list of graduates in the field of microwave science, who have become recognized in the field. Relevant letters of support are encouraged. The candidate shall also have an outstanding record of research contributions, documented in archival journals. The candidate shall have a record of many years of service to the Society.


When presented, at the annual IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Awards Banquet.

Nomination Forms

Please use the latest online nomination form, or you may request a hardcopy .

Please send the completed Nomination Form, including all endorsements, BY July 31 to:
Dr. Peter Staecker MTT-S Awards Committee
167 Cedar St, Lexington, MA 02421

Previous Microwave Distinguished Educator Award Recipients

All previous Distinguished Educator Award recipients are listed at the Past Awardees: Distinguished Educator Award.

IEEE/MTT-S Awards: Important Information for nominators

IEEE Policy 4.4 (Limitations of Awards) states the following:

"No person shall receive an award, or be the nominator or reference for a nomination for a candidate for an award, who, at any stage of the recipient-selection process for that award, is eligible to vote on who shall receive that award.  This conflict of interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by the IEEE or any of its organizational units."

With reference to the MTT-Society, this Policy affects Members of the MTT-S Awards Committee*, and voting members of the MTT Administrative Committee**.


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