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The member grade of Fellow is conferred in recognition of unusual and outstanding professional distinction. It is awarded at the initiative of the IEEE Board of Directors following a rigorous nomination and evaluation process. Individuals receiving this distinction have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to one or more fields of electrical engineering, or related sciences. The total number of Fellows selected in any one year does not exceed one tenth of one percent of the total voting Institute membership. MTT-S members evaluated by our Society and elevated to the grade of Fellow, effective 1 January 2018, are shown below.

If you have any questions or comments about the MTT-S or IEEE Awards and recognition process, please contact the MTT-S Awards Chair.


Society/ Council
Last Name First Name Citation
AP AP MTT Guo Yongxin for contributions to wideband printed antennas
AP EMB AP MTT Nikita Konstantina for contributions to bioelectromagnetics and implantable antennas for medical applications
AP AP MTT EMC Reddy C. J. for leadership in simulation methods for antenna placement and co-site analysis
AP AP MTT Sauleau Ronan for contributions to lens and millimeter wave antennas
AP AP MTT Weile Daniel for contributions to computational electromagnetics
AP AP MTT Xin Hao for contributions to electromagnetic metamaterials and 3D printing of metamaterial structures
ED MTT ED  Kazior Thomas for leadership in microwave and millimeter wave compound semiconductor technology and heterogeneous integration with silicon
EMB EMB MTT Meaney Paul for contributions to microwave tomography and its translation to clinical use
EMC MTT AP EMC Bunting Charles for educational contributions to electromagnetic compatibility and reverberation chambers
EMC EP,CAS, MTT, EMC Grivet-talocia Stefano for contributions to passive macromodeling for signal and power integrity
MTT SSC MTT Bakkaloglu Bertan for contributions to radio frequency circuits
MTT MTT Barker Scott for contributions to millimeter-wave and terahertz micromachining
MTT AP MTT Boria Vicente for contributions to high-power microwave filters and multiplexers
MTT AP MTT Bozzi Maurizio for contributions to substrate integrated waveguides and integrated periodic structures
MTT MTT Chen Yi-jan Emery for contributions to monolithic RF CMOS power amplifiers and transceiver frontends
MTT MTT PHO EMB PE ED Ma Zhenqiang for contributions to flexible and biodegradable microwave electronics
MTT CAS MTT SSC VT COM AES McCune Earl for leadership in polar modulation  circuits and signals
MTT MTT Roselli Luca for contributions to sustainable radio-frequency modules for wireless sensor networks
MTT MTT IM ED  Weikle Robert for contributions to millimeter-wave and submillimeter-wave electronics and instrumentation for terahertz frequencies
MTT AP MTT  Weller Thomas for contributions to modeling and design of passive microwave circuits and components
MTT AP MTT Zwick Thomas for contributions to millimeter wave transceivers


Evaluating Society Active in these Societies Last Name First Name Citation