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For election (or re-election) to the AdCom, the procedure applies to both current AdCom members running for re-election or to suggested candidates (we are seeking qualified candidates willing to work as this is an Administrative Committee and not an Executive Committee).

For the At-Large ballot, please note that we are currently short on members from Region 7 and also from Government.

We will be electing 7 in total, 5 from the AdCom-elected ballot and 2 from the At-Large ballot.  There are 6 current AdCom members eligible for re-election.


There are two procedures by which nominees can be placed on the ballot. The first way is to send the names of candidates to the AdCom Nominations and Appointments Committee at mtt-nom-appointments@ieee.org. The second way is to nominate a candidate by petition. The rules for petition nomination can be found on the MTT-S website by clicking on “MTT-S ByLaws” and scrolling to paragraph Nomination by petition is regulated by IEEE ByLaws and requires the signatures of at least 2% of eligible voters – about 200 for the MTT Society. It is much easier to submit a candidate for nomination directly to the Nominations and Appointments Committee and nomination by petition should be regarded as a “safety net”.

Members interested in submitting a possible candidate to the N&A Committee or by petition, should first obtain the consent of the candidate. Self-nomination is permitted. Serving on the AdCom is a major commitment of time and energy and typically involves travel to the three AdCom meetings per year.

Those submitting nominations to the N&A Committee should include:

  • The candidate’s full name, full contact info, and a brief draft of qualifications, society service, and motivation in unified IEEE MTT-S format (MTT_bio_template.docx).
  • The candidate’s preference to be placed on the at-large (full membership) ballot, or the AdCom member voted ballot (a candidate cannot be on both ballots).
  • Nominator’s name and contact information (including email address)

Submit the nomination before this year’s deadline:

April 30, 2019