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During the June 2019 meeting of the MTT-S Administrative Committee, the MTT-S Administrative Committee approved the following statement as the MTT-S Field Of Interest:

“The field of interest of the society shall be theory, techniques and applications of guided wave and wireless technologies spanning the electromagnetic spectrum from RF/microwave through millimeter-waves and terahertz, including the aspects of materials, components, devices, circuits, modules, and systems which involve the generation, modulation, demodulation, control, transmission, sensing and effects of electromagnetic signals.”

As per MTT-S Constitution Article IX, Section 2, ratification requires that the proposed statement be publicized in a Society publication, on the Society web site, or by email to all members, with notice that they go into effect unless 10 percent of the Society members object within 30 days. If you are in agreement with these proposed changes no action on your part is needed, otherwise please inform Mohammad Madihian at madihian@ieee.org .