Nominations and Appointments

Committee Mission

The Nominations and Appointments Committee has two major responsibilities:

  • Solicitation of candidates, producing the slates and conducting the annual elections of AdCom members and President-Elect in September/October of each year. This includes encouraging the submission of petitions on behalf of prospective candidates and organizing the membership-at-large election.
  • Advising the incoming President of individuals who are qualified and willing to fill the various appointed AdCom committee positions.

Responsibilities of the N&A Committee

  • The MTT-S N&A Committee presents the full list of candidates to the AdCom at their Spring meeting. After receiving any comments and/or additional nominations at the Spring AdCom meeting, the N&A committee will select at least two candidates for the at-large vote by the full membership, and at least 1.5 times the number of openings (typically 11 to 12 candidates) for the ballot to be presented to the AdCom for their vote.
  • The two primary responsibilities of the N&A committee are: first, to assure that there are sufficient candidates for the election; and second, to limit the total number of candidates to a reasonable number. Having too many candidates is a recipe for disappointment and potentially counterproductive over the long term. This is a challenging assignment for the N&A committee, and it is the committee's objective to proceed with as much fairness and transparency as possible. It is, of course, the nature of elections to have competition and this is a part of the democratic process. We all respect those MTT-S members who are willing to be candidates for the MTT-S AdCom, and for their participation in the election process.


Nomination and Appointment Committee members

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