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The IEEE MTT-S Financially and Technically-Sponsors conferences and symposia related to microwave theory and techniques throughout the world. Because the MTT-S believes that the quality of papers presented at a conference is as important as the quality of the papers published in its journals, we evaluate the papers presented at every conference we sponsor to verify that they present novel or state of the art results. We also verify the planning and operation of MTT-S sponsored conferences to verify that they meet IEEE and MTT-S standards. Therefore, the MTT-S logo associated with a conference is a symbol of quality.

If you are planning a conference and you would like MTT-S to sponsor your conference, the first step is to complete the Application for MTT-S Sponsorship form and send it to Once you submit the form, it will be evaluated, and a member of the Meetings and Symposia Committee will contact you to offer assistance. This form must be submitted at least one year before the conference to assure that the MTT-S and IEEE have the proper time to evaluate the proposal. Failure to complete the form as completely as possible may delay its consideration for approval or prevent the MTT-S and IEEE from sponsoring the conference. After the form is received and MTT-S approves the sponsorship, MTT-S and the conference chair will develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that defines the level of sponsorship. Note that the conference may NOT use the MTT-S or IEEE logo and MTT-S will not advertise the conference until the MOU is signed; so it is important to submit the form as early as possible.

For more information about Conferences and Symposia, or request for conference sponsorship, contact the M&S Committe (

Meetings and Symposium Committee Contacts:

Dominique Schreurs, Chair

Maurizio Bozzi, Vice Chair

Kamran Ghorbani, Vice Chair

Amanda Scacchitti, Administrator

Additional Help

The IEEE Conference Workshop is available year-round as an information resource for conference organizers. The content of sections on Conference Business, Banking, and Insurance has been recently updated. The workshop consists of web-based presentations and includes a Question & Answer section (Q&A) that allows conference organizers to submit questions on the various workshop topics covered. Q&A interaction is not real-time; however, answers to submitted questions are posted to the online workshop on a scheduled and timely basis. The workshop can be accessed from the Conference Organizers page.

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