Agniezka Konczykowska


  • Member, MTT-9 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING, Technical Committees**


Agnieszka Konczykowska is in charge of microelectronic design activity at III-V Lab, Bell Labs, Thales Research and Technology and CEA/Leti joint laboratory, Palaiseau in France.

She worked in different domains of CAD and design methodologies like: methods and applications of symbolic analysis; semiconductor device modeling; analysis and design of switched-capacitor circuits. Her present research interests are the design of very high-speed circuits for optical communications in InP HBT technology. She is the (co)-author of over 200 scientific publications and 6 patents.

Dr. Konczykowska is a member of editorial board of Int. Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications. She has been a member of many technical committees of international conferences and serves as reviewer for numerous technical journals. From 1995 to 1999 she has been the president of European Circuit Society.