Bert Henderson


  • Member, MTT-22 Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion, Technical Committees**


Bert C. Henderson is a Distinguished Fellow of Technology with Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions in San Jose, California, where he has worked since 2002 on microwave and millimeter-wave multifunction integrated subsystems. From 1994-2002 he worked on commercial millimeter-wave radios, first with Endwave Corporation and then with Bridgewave Communications. From 1979-1994 he was with Watkins Johnson Co. where he held various design and leadership positions. He received the BSEE from the University of California Davis in 1978, and MSEE from the University of California Berkeley in 1979. While with Watkins Johnson Co. he designed numerous mixers including the M50, the first mixer with 2-26 GHz RF/LO and 2-18 GHz IF coverage. He led development of the SMC1844, the first uniplanar mixer with 18-40 GHz RF/LO and DC-18 GHz IF coverage. His technical articles include “Reliably Predict Mixer IM Suppression” that provides a closed form approximation for spurious suppression used in various commercial simulators. He has six patents for mixers and filters, and in 2007 was a recipient of the Tyco Electronics Key Innovator Award. He co-authored the book Microwave Mixer Technology and Applications in 2013, ISBN 978-1608074891. He has written various spurious and system analysis programs in C and C++. He is active in the IEEE-MTT society, serving on the MTT-22 committee for Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion, and was a presenter for IEEE MTT-S workshops on AM Noise in 2005, Subharmonic Mixer Circuit Designs in 2009, and Analytic Concepts for Low-Noise and Low-Distortion Mixers in 2012. er.