Jeffrey Hesler


  • Associate Editor, Terahertz Science & Technology Editors, Terahertz Science & Technology, Publications**
  • Chair, Member, MTT-4 Terahertz Technology and Applications, Technical Committees**
Virginia Diodes, Inc. Charlottesville, USA


Jeffrey L. Hesler is the Chief Technology Officer of Virginia Diodes and has a visiting position at the University of Virginia Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. His career is focused on the creation of new technologies that are making possible the full exploitation of the Terahertz frequency band for scientific, defense and industrial applications. He has published over 150 technical papers in refereed international conferences and journals, given talks at THz-focused workshops at conferences such as IMS & EuMW, and serves as a reviewer for a variety of IEEE & IEE journals. Dr. Hesler was the Secretary of the IEEE P1785 Workgroup on Waveguides for Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wavelengths (
Dr. Hesler’s research has focused on developing terahertz components and systems, including THz Vector Network Analyzer Extenders, wideband receivers for passive remote sensing, detectors with wide demodulation bandwidth for communications applications, and state-of-the-art frequency multipliers and mixers.