Upkar Dhaliwal


  • Member, MTT-20 WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, Technical Committees**
  • Speakers bureau, MTT-20 WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, Technical Committees**
Future Wireless Technologies 4653 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite 302-13 San Diego CA 92130-6650 USA


Upkar Dhaliwal is an engineer, system architect, entrepreneur founder & CEO at Future Wireless Technologies; a Consultancy with over 25 years of hands on wireless and internet experience undertaking Strategy, Architect, Application, Intellectual Property, Business Development and Technical advisor support for Present and Future Wireless Technologies and product development for 10+ Start-ups, OEMs, US National Policy, Regulatory, private equity and Market Leaders customers

A Professional Chartered Engineer of Engineering Council UK, he is a Wireless & RF System Architect/Executive industry expert serving on numerous industrial/technical bodies like OMA, NIST, IEEE 802.11, .16, .15, .22, .24, IEEE COMS Globecom, MTTS IMS, RWS and ICUWB, with specialized knowledge and technical leadership in the design and development of state of the art wireless circuits and systems doing technical business developments with Start-up and the investment community. Key is a collaborative partnering contacts in a huge broad multi-discipline network.

He has been working on LTE-A, LTE, HSPA, WIMAX, WRAN, MSS and UWB BAN network and knowledge in business solutions which have included 802 WG Voting status and industry activities for 4G and Cognitive radios for 5G, All this involves very close customer engagements for business, policy, architect strategies & specifications.

In general, for the past 25 years, his focus has been on understanding and applying system requirements and specifications in State of the Art Wireless Communications. He has worked for STMicroelectronics on a joint design team with NOKIA Mobile, for QUALCOMM for 8 years thru the 3G –CDMA/UMTS era, and for SAMSUNG Telecom for early 2G – GSM. At present, working on 4G with leading WiMAX Forum Founding member on 802.16e MIMO with 802.11n MIMO chipset using Intel Atom ecosystem. Also charting towards 5G in terms of Cognitive Radios.

Major accomplishments are world class first’s early call in 3Gx1 CDMA, UMTS & Dual Mode UMTS+GSM chipset development – which is the complete design cycle of HW & SW integration from product definition to High Level definition thru to chipset verification, customer sampling/support, Type Approvals, GCF/CCF Certification Forum into production of the First single chip transceiver, single SW stack & integrated modem, At present, working with application teams to develop on x86 and ARM Cortex platform for Android, Linux and Chrome OS in terms of LBS Location based Services, Multi party Cloud based Gaming, Hybrid Cloud Services and M2M MAHNET communication for a SmartGrid networks.

Until 2007, he has led and defined worldwide, multi-site (including Europe, US and India) RF R&D activities for ST’s Cellular Digital Radio Project’s Front End Solutions with Digital PA, Tunable Front End and Adaptive Receiver at UCSD CWC and other centers. Undertaking some Course Instructor ship for UCSD Extension on Body Area Wireless Medical Device Technologies.

He grew up in West London England and studied for a Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Engineering from Leeds and University College London Universities respectively, leading to early career experiences & contributions in device modeling, circuit design and subsystem developments where he led Worldwide engineering teams in Two World Class Firsts – First Commercial Active Antenna for Space for ESA and First Active Antenna for Battlefield Radar using MMIC/RFIC. Some new Firsts are still being implemented in connected devices and Hybrid Cloud Services. He is married with two children settled and with working practices in San Jose, San Diego and London.

He enjoys cooking, Red Wines, Whiskey and Bhangra Dances and Music. He has travelled, lived and worked in over 25 countries worldwide on 4 continents.


The Future (and Direction of) Wireless Technologies

Everything You Know About Wireless Is About to Change. Everything beyond and around us in old Wired World is undergoing a rapid change in terms of networks, devices/boxes and in terms of technologies. The Talk can be tailored to cover the following topics relating to the evolution of our Wired and Wireless World:

  • Quick Introduction into exiting Radio Uses
  • Quick update of our Radios & Cellular Wireless – 4G
  • Overview of Consumer World – Wireless Electronics Evolution
  • 7 New Worlds of RF-Wireless with the Internet & the Screen
  • Overview of Wireless Connected Power Networks – NIST, DoE
  • Overview of Wireless Health Connected Devices – NIST, NIH
  • Overview of Wireless Connected Smart Transport – IEEE802, DoT
  • Overview of Broadband Wireless Stimulus Plan DoE, NIST, IEEE
  • A Brief look beyond to the Cognitive Radio World as Envisioned for 5G