Student Members

Student Membership Advantages

If you are student, there are several ways to take advantages of your student membership in the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society:

Form a Student Branch Chapter

Find out about the Benefits of forming a Student Branch Chapter.  You can also download descripton of the requirments for Branch Chapter formation along with the petition form required to apply.

Student Membership Statistics

If you are interested in the distribution of student MTT-S members around the world, download this presentation of Student Statistics.

Join MTT-S

If you are an IEEE Student Member and you want to join MTT-S click here

If you are not yet an IEEE Member click here and join!

Student Facebook Site

A student Facebook page (!/group.php?gid=84710480384&ref=ts)  lets you stay informed about IEEE MTT-S events and conferences, find out about MTT-S resources and opportunities, learn about student funding available from MTT-S, and gain other useful information from other members.  Join the discussion boards and message other members.  Expand your network.

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