Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)


The mission of the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) is to support and promote current, active, and high quality technical committees (TCs) which represent the core technology fields of interest and relevance to the MTT Society and its membership. In support of this mission, the TCC:
•    Maintains and enhances information exchange between members and MTT-S across these technical areas;
•    Identifies new and emerging technology areas and fosters their investigation and development;
•    Assures that all technical committees are active contributors to advancing microwave technologies.
•    Oversees the Distinguished Microwave Lecturers (DML) and the Speakers Bureau (SB) programs.

MTT-Technical Committee Activities

The MTT Society currently maintains twenty-seven technical committees, covering various areas of specialization within MTT-S. The various committees service member needs in a particular technical area. The Chair and Vice Chair of each committee serve 2-year terms and maintain open membership for those interested in the given technical area. Committee Chairs serve as non-voting members of the MTT-S ADCOM.

The individual MTT-Technical Committees each: 
•    Maintain a Web Page that describes the Committee and provides a forum for information exchange; 
•    Provide technical articles for MTT publications; 
•    Sponsor Special Issues of the MTT-Transactions; 
•    Sponsor/organize workshops at MTT-S Symposia; 
•    Review proposed symposium workshops; 
•    Sponsor/organize Student Design Competitions at the MTT-S Symposium;
•    Sponsor regional and other technical meetings.

In addition, many TC committee members serve on MTT-S conference Technical Program Review Committees.

List of Technical Committees

Technical Committee Web Site (link is external)

Technical Coordinating Committee Officers

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