MTT-21 RF MEMS Committee

Our Field of Interest

The topics covered by Technical Committee MTT-21 “MEMS Components and Technologies,” cover a wide range of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and micromachining technologies as applied to RF devices, components, and systems.

Electronic devices considered by the committee include MEMS switches and resonators, and micromachined integrated passive components such as inductors, capacitors, varactors, and transmission lines. These devices often serve as the key control components needed for circuits such as phase shifters and tunable filters, and may enable new classes of reconfigurable antennas. Often these critical circuits are enabled by the high performance and high linearity offered by MEMS. Circuits using MEMS are expected to have an impact on a wide variety of RF systems, including phased-array antennas for radars and receiver front ends for communications.

The emphasis of this committee is on the present issues which arise as the technology matures and becomes mainstream. These issues include design, fabrication, electromechanical and electromagnetic modeling, testing, packaging, and reliability.