MTT-23 RFIC Committee

Our Field of Interest

RFICs are the heart of all wireless and high frequency wired communication systems. The evolution of the RFIC has gone from a few transistors that replaced some discrete RF devices to a whole RF system on a chip. Today RFICs contain all the RF, analog and supporting digital circuitry needed by most systems. It is the mission of the MTT-23 Technical Committee to promote the development of RFIC technologies, circuits and systems. This subcommittee will evaluate new developments and advancements in the field of RFICs. New technologies, circuits and integration techniques to achieve constantly increasing need for higher complexities and performance of wireless systems will be monitored and reviewed. MTT-23 will cooperate with The RFIC Symposium Technical Committee and other MTT-S Technical Committees to ensure that MTT members get full benefit of their combined strengths in this and related field. Responsibilities of this Subcommittee are as follows: