Chapter Officers Handbook

I. Chapter Officer Responsibilities

   A. Creating a New Chapter

   B. Joint Society/Section Chapters

   C. Student Branch Chapters

   D. Chapter Requirements

   E. Planning Successful Meetings

   F. Leading an MTT-S Chapter

   G. Gathering Membership Data

   H. Reporting Meetings

   I. Reporting Chapter Officer Changes

II. Financial Support From MTT-S

   A. Chapter Activity Support

   B. Workshop and Symposia Assistance

   C. Travel Funds for Chapter Chair Meeting Attendance

III. Services From MTT-S

   A. Distinguished Microwave Lecturers

   B. Speakers Bureau

   C. IEEE MTT-S Publications

   D. Trade Shows

   E. Publicity Via the MTT-S e-Newsletter and the MTT-S web site

   F. MTT-Society Regional Chapter Coordinators

   G. AdCom and Volunteer Directory

IV. IEEE Section Support

   A. Meeting Publicity

   B. Section Financial Support

V. Support from Other Societies and IEEE

   A. Other IEEE Societies and Support of Chapters

   B. IEEE Support of Chapters and Volunteers

VI. Quick Access to Key Links and Documents

   A. Petition to form a New Chapter (select "Do the paperwork" from the menu at the top right of the linked page)

   B. Link to vTools Meeting Reporting Forms  (requires IEEE login and password)

   C. Chapter Officer Reporting Forms

   D. Chapter Activities Financial Support Request Forms

   E. Workshop and Symposia Assistance Request Forms

   F. Chapter Officer Travel Assistance Request Forms

   G. MTT MGA Committee Travel Assistance Request Form

   H. WiM & YP Expenses or Travel Pre-Approval Form

   I. IEEE Expense Report Form

   J. Wire Transfer Form

VII. Instructions and Tutorials

   A. How to Fill Out an IEEE Expense Report Form

   B. vTools Tutorial

   C. Producing an email Mailing List for Your Chapter using SAMIeee

   D. Membership Recruitment Presentation Material

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